Hedera hibernica 'Professor Seneta' - Irish ivy

Ivy with 5 rather shallow, flared lobes.

Dark green mottled with cream, pale chartreuse green or ivory.

Cultivar found in a forest in Poland.

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Irish ivy - Hedera hibernica 'Professor Seneta

In a nutshell

Irish ivy, Hedera hibernica 'Professor Seneta', is an ivy with leaves with 5 loose and flared lobes.

In addition to its shallow lobes, it is characterized by many shades of green: dark green with cream mottled, pale chartreuse green or ivory. 

It is a cultivar found in 1996 in a forest in Poland.

PS: Professor Seneta is a Polish dendrologist.

The question of circumstance

What is Irish ivy?

Irish ivy ( Hedera hibernica) has much larger leaves than English ivy (Hedera helix). They are vigorous ivies with long vines, found mainly along the Atlantic coast. 

They are more tolerant of acid soils than conventional ivy.

Their leaves have a strong, almost resinous odor.

You'll find over twenty Irish ivy varieties in our collection.

Data Sheet - Hedera hibernica 'Professor Seneta'

Botanical information

  • Family: Araliaceae
  • Genre : Hedera
  • Species: hibernica
  • Cultivar: 'Professor Seneta'
  • Pierot classification: variegated ivy, type ivy
  • Foliage stage: juvenile
  • Origin of the species: Europe, from Spain to Scotland, mainly on the Atlantic coast
  • Origin of the cultivar: found in a forest in Poland


Description of Hedera hibernica 'Professor Seneta'

  • Habit: spreading or climbing
  • Number of lobes: usually 5 lobes
  • Leaf length: 4 cm
  • Sheet width: 4 cm
  • Leaf color: variegated green, various shades of green and cream
  • Color of veins: cream
  • Stem and petiole color: pink
  • Hairs: stellar, 3 to 5 branches, like Hedera helix, but smaller and flat on the leaf


Planting, growing and caring tips for Hedera hibernica 'Professor Seneta'

  • Exposure: sun, part shade
  • Hardiness: -15°C
  • Soil moisture: cool soil
  • Soil PH: neutral or calcareous
  • Soil type: all
  • Soil richness: ordinary or humus-bearing
  • Use: ground cover, climber
  • Development: vigorous
  • Pruning: once a year
  • Pests: very rare (red spider mites, scale insects)
  • Diseases: very rare (leaf spots)

Further information


Ground cover, Climber


White variegated, Green


Ivy type, variegated




Part shade, Sun




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