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Hedera Collection

Hedera hibernica 'Palmata

If you're looking for ivy, you've come to the right place.

This collection of ivy (botanical name Hedera), one of the finest in Europe, owes everything to its creator Olivier ARCELUS. Ivy was his passion for over 25 years!

It was he who nurtured, developed and enriched it year after year with passion and skill.

The Hedera collection has now been added to the Jardins du Gué park in Deux-Sèvres , which has been awarded the Jardin remarquable label.

The propagation, cultivation and sale of ivy will continue with the same rigor.

In this 4-hectare area, rich in microclimates, pieds-mères can find the location that suits them best.

The collection, which already includes more than 400 varieties of ivy, will continue to grow. Of course, each variety is only propagated in limited quantities. But if you would like to order larger quantities, please contact us 6 months to a year in advance. We'll then be able to start multiplying the chosen varieties to suit your needs.

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Bernard Merlet

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